About me

Now I feel confident when I facilitate a training event, but I wasn’t always an effective trainer. At first, I didn’t know what would help participants relax, start learning and stay engaged in the topic I was teaching.

When I think back to one of my first training events, I wonder why people even stayed until the end. I felt like I was on stage, in some one act show where every person was giving me the hairy eyeball. 

I thought I had a solid plan for what I was going to say, but I kept stumbling over my words. I asked questions to start discussions and no one answered! Although I knew my subject matter very well, I didn’t know how to explain it to other people and even worse, I didn’t know how to get the participants to engage in discussions or learning activities about it. Ugh!

My first training was in 2001 and in the past eighteen years, I’ve come a VERY long way. Shortly after that difficult day, I discovered that there were experts in the training field who were teaching others how to be an effective trainer. I attended a few Train the Trainer events and implemented some of the suggested design and delivery strategies. The results were amazingly different! 

People were actually smiling at the end of the training events! I was hooked!  Every single year since 2001, I have attended two or three Train the Trainer events because it makes a HUGE difference in my training design skills and teaching strategies. I’ve come a long way in my learning and I love to keep learning more about how humans learn and new activities to help the learners I’m teaching.

I was fortunate to be able to attend top notch Train the Trainer events and learn from talented training experts. Now I have the skills to design, deliver and facilitate training that meets the needs of adult learners. I can infuse important elements to engage the human brain so that participants pay attention, engage at a high level, and practice skills that will help them change and improve.

My three superpowers are...

Let me help you with your next training event

I now know a TON about training design, brain-based learning, active learning and accelerated learning strategies. I enjoy facilitating training events PLUS I feel confident about the training that I design and deliver. Participants write SO many positive comments on the evaluations. Now my goal is to share what I’ve learned with others – to help other trainers and facilitators design and deliver successful training events.